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La Dolce Vita

LDV [La Dolce Vita] Sticker Set (140pcs)


The stickers set features 140 pieces of lovely La Dolce Vita girls illustrations. These adorable stickers could be a lot of fun to adorn your pages, art projects or any outgoing mails. The richness of colours would also became an expressions of visual elegance.


* This set does not consist of the stickers available in LDV [Bungu Girls] Sticker Set (30pcs) and LDV [As Long as You're Fine] Stickers Set (25pcs), except for a few pieces of similar designs.

**For those who purchased the set of 122pcs (discontinued item), there are around 35 pieces of new stickers different from the previous set.


Case Size: 11 x 9.5 x 1.4 cm

Stickers Size: approximately 6-8cm

Designed by La Dolce Vita

Made in Taiwan