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La Dolce Vita

[Limited Edition] LDV Literature Girl Bag-in-Bag Organiser


Limited edition bag-in-bag designed by Taiwanese illustrator, La Dolce Vita, in collaboration with a Taiwan stationery shop for a stationery exhibition, Shin Kong Exhibition. With pastel, dreamy sugary colour tones and rich details, we believe that you will bath in happiness when using this beautiful bag organiser. 

This handy case is a great way to keep things organised inside your bag. Use it to organise notebooks, tablets, pens, and other things that would normally get lost inside a larger bag. Besides the main components, there are two more smaller pockets that are thoughtfully arranged for easy access to your most important items.

Designed to be used as a bag-in-bag, it could prevent your notebook from getting creased or bent too. A strap is included so that it’s easy to retrieve from your main bag. Just pop your pencils or brushes inside and you’re ready to go.




Size: 170x180mm

Designed by La Dolce Vita

Made in Taiwan