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Lin Chia Ning 吉

LCN Rubber Stamp Set - Vintage Labels


This collection of rubber stamps depict various designs of labels These labels are designed with simple lines yet are great originally designed by Taiwanese artist, Lin Chia Ning.

Each label shows a different sentiment. You could match these labels imaginatively with other rubber stamps, stickers or your handwriting, perfect for adding special touches to your pages, outgoings, or any occasion. 

Collage rubber stamps could be considered as DIY rubber stamps, as you would need to paste the rubber to the wooden holder yourself. You could also try to cut/remove the extravagant part (the white background area) and leave with the pattern only before pasting it onto the wooden holder. The designer believe every user of these collage rubber stamps will have their own unique rubber stamps as each of them has different look.


Content: rubber stamp set + LCN red&blue label stickers (35~38pcs)


(A) 75x58mm / 75x55mm;

(B) 55x35mm x2 / 55x40mm x2;

(C) 60x40mm / 60x30mm / 70x42mm x2

Designed by Lin Chia Ning