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KITTA Limited - Storage Can


Limited Edition KITTA storage can which would be perfect home for your KITTA washi tape seals. Each can could store up to 15 units of KITTA seals. They are great for organising and storing your favourite stationery, materials, small toys or other accessories too.

Lace - This can feature white embroidery laces. As for the base, it is grey matte silver colour. Therefore the laces are printed with white ink, so that the laces are clearly shown while it just features a simple design of two colours. 

Mountain - There're climbers, tents, houses...there are different designs when you're looking at it from different angles. The sun on the surface of the can is floating in the sky while the moon is on the back of the can. This allows us to enjoy different images from each direction. This beautiful can is filled with the charms of original paintings with light colours watercolour inks.

Flower - There're a field of blooming daisies around the top part of the can. In order to express the round and lovely daisies, each daisy is drawn differently little by little. It is great for you who would like to enjoy bright and beautiful colour, this can is illuminated with the sunlight colour in the spring.

Fragment - It is a design that looks like a scatter of many colourful pieces drawn on a white background. When you look closely at these colourful fragments, it looks as if you hand-painted. Silver ink fragments is also used in some places so that the light shines a bit from different angle.


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Size: 100x70x70mm (could store up to 15 units)

Designed by KITTA x keina higashide

Made in Japan