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KITTA COLLABO - KITX004 Sampo / A Walk


Limited edition KITTA x moogy seal stickers in collaboration with a Japanese beverage company, Kirin Beverage Company. 

“moogy” is more than just a thirst quencher. It’s an award-winner blended barley tea designed to be part of your everyday life ― a brand new tool to express yourself, designed to give you comfort and a hint of happiness.

This tea  aims to win the support of women in their 20's-40's who are busy looking after their children or out in the business world. A blend of roasted barley, ginger, chamomile, and lemon grass, each with a hand-drawn textile-like pattern which can be coordinated with your outfit and your mood.


KITTA sticker is a new type of washi tape & sticker cut to a convenient length, easy to carry around and enjoy anytime, anywhere. They are easy to use by simply peeling each strip off from the compact booklet. 

Each set comes with 4 different designs, 10 sheets per design, printed with beautiful illustrations or patterns which are great for adorning your pages, outgoings, scrapbooks, decorations and other occasions where you would like to add a little extra touch. You could also use them as labels, markers or index tab.

The set comes in a compact matchbook-style booklet that can be folded into half, making it fit perfectly into a cases or cover pocket. By using the same material as washi tapes, these stickers are removable and reusable.



Content: 4 designs, each design 10 sheets

Size: (Tape) 1.5×5cm; (when folded) 5.5x9.1cm

Material: Washi Paper

Designed by KITTA x moogy

Made in Japan