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Himekuri Sticky Calendar 2020

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Introducing the winner of ISOT (International Stationery & Office Products) 2018 - Stationery of the Year (Functionality section)!

A fun and stylish 365-day sticky note calendar. The colours and designs change weekly, so you can tell the date at once. Each sticky note can be used as memo, and the size of each tag is designed to fit your notebook perfectly too!


What is is Himekuri?

Himekuri is a desk calendar, which not only brings the function of a normal desk calendar, but also lets you to peel of the date to call the end of days. There are 52 different designs in total so you can use different designs for every week.

Himekuri can be used in various scenes that are related to dates. You could use them to adorn your diary or journal pages, or even including the special day on your outgoing gift/mail for your family or friends! If you put it on the food containers, it will help you to make the best before date. Depending on the idea of people who use it, ways to use it are unlimited!


Four Patterns for You for 2020! 

Simply B&W: The classic combination of gray and white allows you to write on both designs with a black pen.

Stationery: Various stationery featured on each sticker tag, something not too colourful, something unique and inspiring which would definitely make your day.

Cat: Looking at these lovely illustrated cats, they will bring smile to you unintentionally every-time you see it! Perfect for occasion when you would like to add a little extra cuteness!

Papers: A collection of vintage paper products such as collected wrapping paper, paper bags, paper boxes, letter sets, napkins and coasters.


Size: (Whole calendar length) 5X21cm; (Each sticker tag) 3.8X2.5cm

Made in Japan