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一隅有花 yiyuflorist

Annual Plants Calendar 2021 <一年生> 植物日曆

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Using a combination of plants and words, this calendar depicts both literal and creative interpretations throughout the year. 



As one of the oldest species living on the earth today, plants could be fragile, tender and soft, to the extend that a kid could just bend it easily. However plants could also growing through concrete and harshest climates, pushing its way through to continue growing towards the light. They are brave enough to face the cold of the Winter days and wither, knowing that they would grow again when Spring comes.




There are many times where human's lives are similar to life cycle of plants. A plant germinates, grows, blooms and dies. The cycle that the plant goes through is alike as human being, thus the team behind this project think that they are somehow linked together.


Inspirational quotes, stories and daily life tips are combined with delighted illustrations of various types of plants in this beautiful calendar. For each single day, a type of plant, together with a quote/ daily tidbit/ myth about plants would be featured on each page, allowing us anticipating for the next day. 

This is not only a calendar, it is a living condition of human being, an essential for healing in everyday life. Each day, as we tear a page after page, day by day, it allows us to look forward into the future, again and again, throughout the 366 days.



With the pages adhered together with glue laminated technique at the top, every  complete sheet could be peeled or torn off easily. After peeling the pages, you could keep them in the designed craft box or include them in your journal pages or outgoing letters or gifts. Each page has generous space for your daily journaling or schedules too.

As the calendar is secured together with strong adhesive, enable you to hang it up on the wall and adding a unique look to your home or office decor. It also comes with a designated paper stand which allows you to display the calendar on your desk.

A celebration of life with a perfect combinations of simple yet elegant illustrations of plants and characters. It would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves unique things and it makes a unique gift for people who are looking for something different. This would be the best calendar that is worth sharing for the year of 2021! 


About 一隅有花 yiyuflorist

yiyuflorist is an online florist in Taiwan that delivers beaufitul flowers through dedicated subscription services. For them, plants are same as music, comforting us in the most gentle way. The shop believes that plants have their own beauty in every stage, including blooming and withering. Yiyuflorist hopes that everyone could find happiness through flowers, hoping that you and I could spark ourselves in every stage of life, just like the plants.


“Bloom Where You're Planted.” 在你所在之處綻放
This is what yiyuflorist wish to tell you. 



Size: 17 x 12 cm

Material: Kraft Paper Board, Ivory Papers

Designed by 三頁文設計

A Project by 一隅有花 yiyuflorist

Made in Taiwan