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SOM Studio

2020 Postmark Rubber Stamp

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Postmarks are unique and fascinating as stamps themselves. These wooden rubber stamps are inspired by postmarks (postal stamps) on letters, postcards or packages which indicating the date that the item was delivered into the care of the postal service. Each of them features a design of postmark for the year of 2020.

There are phrases such as "have an awesome year", "一期一會", "2020/MMXX", "贰O贰O" are featured on the rubber stamps. We hope you would enjoy using these postmark stamps onto your journal pages, outgoings, collectable items or utilise in many different places. They would be great for adding personal touches especially when use with your vintage tickets, paper collection, vintage/decorative postage stamps.


About 一期一會

"一期一會" is a Japanese phrase to admonish you that the very moment you are meeting each other is the once-in-a-lifetime event. In other words, treasure every moment. This phrase is also used as the name of Midori 1Day1Page Diary Book.

About MMXX

"MMXX" is 2020 in roman numeral.

About 贰O²

When mathematic meets 2020! We have applied mathematic into the idea of our 2020 postmark this year!

贰 and O are "two" and "zero" in Japanese and Chinese languages. Taking both 贰 (two) and O (zero) as one symbol, square it (multiply by itself) and get the result of 贰O贰O (two zero two zero).

(贰O)² = (贰O) (贰O) = 贰O贰O = 2020


Each piece of rubber stamp is assembled by hand with care and attention. We hope this creation will add some sparks in your everyday journaling, mailing, crafting and keep exploring new possibilities.


Size: Approx. (L) ⌀2.3cm ; (M) 1.5cm; (S) 1cm

Designed by SOM Studio

Made in Malaysia