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The Beauty Melted in 365 Days Calendar 2023 「溶于365日的美」

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Presenting things that woven into the beauty of our everyday life in aesthetic illustrations, this beautiful desk calendar accompanies the user through the year with the concept about "beautiful things that melted or blended into 365 days". 

This elegant calendar features a selection of 365 paintings of 365 different things in daily search for beauty, with themes such as furniture, books, clothes, utensils, tea and coffee drinking cultures, and many more. For each day, it shows an illustration of a little thing that found in daily life which connected to beautiful memories and emotions of time and place. 

Just like the how coffee powder dissolve in water, we hope these beauties of everyday life will dissolve into your days and living in your passion. 

Illustrated on clean background against a white background, the focus is on the visually beautiful drawing of item in everyday life. In addition to indicating the date, for each day the calendar contains the corresponding name of the item and some information about it, as well as reminder of public holiday, lunar calendar and a mini monthly calendar. Each day also offers plenty of room for annotations and reminders on its appealing yet unobtrusive pages.

The calendar is bind with glue-binding, can be neatly torn off. It can be displayed and collected, each comes with a designed storage box and a stand to hold the calendar.  

A celebration of daily life with this beautiful calendar. It would make a perfect gift or for personal use. This would be one of the best calendars that is worth sharing for the year of 2023.


Size: 13.5 x 9.2 cm

Content: 368 sheets

Material: Recycled Paper

Designed by suzume 福来雀