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Paper Swatch Calendar 2022

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2022 is like a thrilling roller coaster for many of us. Life got messy with covids and lockdowns. Big mess, small mess, messy mess, and beautiful mess were created. Regardless of what mess we are going thru, with this 2022 beautiful mess calendar, we hope to bring light and colour to brighten your day.

This must be one of the most beautiful calendars made with handmade papers for the next coming year. It consists of 12 different types of handmade paper for the cover and the twelve months of 2022. 

Each sheet is handmade made mixture of plant and recyclable fibres, tree and chemical-free with every aspect of the paper-making process being done by hand. From avocado, banana, random pages of magazines to jeans, every sheet has its own characteristic which will surprise and impress you.

The small irregular bits of these materials scattered throughout the faintly texturise surfaces, giving the each paper a very organic & decorative look. They are beautiful by simply placing on your desk or using them for any creative projects you could think of.

Each calendar comes with a customised acrylic stand. 


Every piece would be imperfectly perfect. 

*This limited edition paper swatch calendar is designed and printed by two local graphic designers, Wai-Ee & Li En, in their studio based in Malaysia.

**All of Slumber Bugs’ papers are made of off-cuts collected from various printers, while papers made with plants are also harvested locally.


Content: 12 sheets (Jan-Dec)

Size:  10x10cm ; packaging 12.5x14.0cm

Designed and Printed by SlumberBugs

Made in Malaysia