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Nove Lynn 2.0 Rubber Stamp Collection - Journaling Inspiration


Designed originally by novebyvivient, these rubber stamps feature some unique crafting pieces. This set stands out with its thoughtful design and practical features, offering a charming addition to your stamping repertoire. 

Each set features two distinct stamps thoughtfully designed to elevate your stamping experience. A doughnut-shaped stamp serves as a visual centerpiece and a counterpart; a perfectly round stamp designed to nestle seamlessly into the middle of the doughnut. 

In this collection you can find 

Delight in this Four Season rubber stamp set by capturing the essence of changing seasons and record significant dates in your life. 
Seize the day with the CARPE DIEM rubber stamp set. Use this set to capture the essence of TIME, turning every passing moment into a reminder in your life.

We believe each rubber stamp holds a unique story behind for each user. These stamps would be great for adorning your pages, outgoings and many more occasions.


Content: Set of 2


outer circle ⌀ 5.5cm
inner circle 2cm


Designed by novebyvivient

Made in Malaysia