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Koyomi Seikatsu 曆生活

Moon Calendar 2024


Different phases of moon everyday are shown in this beautiful calendar. There are information regarding the 72 pentads (七十二候) for the traditional 24 point East Asian Lunisolar (二十四節氣), as well as the cultural events, animals or food which available in that particular season/day.

It is a tear off calendar, which you could tear down each page day-by-day easily by using the blade-like metal plate effect head strip. You could hang it on your wall or make it stand on your desk, depending on your preference.

Each page could be used to decorate your journal. You could write, draw or use your rubber stamps collection on these different moon phases everyday and take it as a daily diary.



Size: 175 x 95mm;

Calendar Size: 114×80mm

Designed by Koyomi Seikatsu 曆生活

Made in Japan