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Hanen Studio

Hanen Studio Natural Marble Rubber Stamp - Monthly Calendar


These extraordinary, delicate pieces of rubber stamps by Hanen Studio are specially designed and made with natural marble handles. These stamps have a delicate look and feel yet great for everyday use. The set would definitely adds an eye-catching pop to your desks.

Each of these stamp features names of months in English and Chinese/Japanese, and the designer describes each month with a natural phenomena, climate or phenology  that related to each month from her perspectives. 

一月の雲 - January's snow
二月の暮 - February's dawn
三月の風 - March's wind
四月の雨 - April's rain
五月の天 - May's sky
六月の花 - June's flower
七月の海 - July's sea
八月の夢 - August's dream
九月 の詩 - September's poem
十月の戀 - October's love
十一月の星  - November's stars

十二月の雪 - December's snow

Great for keeping track of the dates and for adding lovely touches and creative accents to your journal pages, outgoing mail/parcel, art projects, scrapbooks, gift cards or any other occasion. The possibilities are endless. You could also pair it with other rubber stamp, stickers, glitters or paper embellishments for enhanced appeal. 

We hope this unique creation will add some sparks in your everyday life.

Size: 1.9x1.9xcm

Designed by Hanen Studio