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Koyomi Seikatsu 曆生活

Sora Calendar 2023

RM80.00 RM108.00

Sora is Japanese for sky. The moon is a reliable companion, full moon, half moon and new moon, waxing and waning.

Printed with traditional calendar printing method on transparent paper, the calendar shows how much of the changes of moon can be seen. 

Different phases of moon everyday are shown on the calendar, along with some adorable, delicate illustrations and beautiful constellations. There are also some detail information regarding to the constellations which could be read via the QR code printed at the corner of the page. 

Each page features a lot of free spaces, which could be used to write, draw or use your sticker and rubber stamp collection on these different moon phases everyday and take it as a daily diary.

Each calendar comes with a beautifully printed case box. It is a tear off calendar, which you could tear down each page day-by-day easily by "pulling each page downwards".



Size: 203x128x30mm

Calendar size: 185x120mm

Designed by Koyomi Seikatsu 曆生活

Made in Japan