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Tomoki Watanabe

PePePe Himekuri Calendar 2023


I wake up in the morning, wash my face and flip through the calendar. It is like a continuation of a gentle dream, and it makes me feel relieved. It is like a little magic to make me love everyday.

PePePe Himekuri (a-day-a-page) 2023 Calendar by Tomoki Watanabe. 

"Thank you for purchasing "PEPEPE Daily Calendar 2023" this time! Starting with the year 2014 edition, this year marks the 10th year anniversary! While how dare I to compliment myself for writing something like this for 3652 days, a day-to-day calendar, to all of you, thank you!“ -- message from Tomoki Watanabe

Each day contains a story of Hibino and his family, ranging from a little crazy to a little heartwarming, accompanied by fun illustrations by Watanabe. His unique and humorous illustrations allow us to have a good start for the day and make us anticipating for the next day! 

Some examples on the calendar, "a day to release birds", "a day when you go out on a shooting star". What will it be tomorrow? We are looking forward to start a new day by turning this calendar!

The fonts are blue on Saturdays, red on Sunday, pink on holidays and black on weekdays. Each page features a lot of free spaces, which could be used to write, draw or use your stickers and rubber stamps and take it as a daily diary or to paste it on your pages. You could also include a sheet of the calendar with your outgoing. It would definitely make the recipient smile ;)



Content: 370 sheets

Size: 11x6.4x5.2cm

Designed by Tomoki Watanabe

Made in Japan