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Hightide Claire: Weekly Block Diary 2023

RM80.00 RM110.00

Claire Weekly Block Dairy is a compact and complete diary book, providing both monthly and weekly schedules as well as sufficient spaces for notes. 

Each month is featured on a double-pages, followed by weekly overviews. 

This diary features metallic and pale tone cover, the elegant design is perfect for outgoing and carry a calm atmosphere, making this diary a must have for organising and documenting your moments.


Weekly Schedule

Laid out on a double-pages as well the weekly overviews divide the page into eight blocks. 

(A) A compact overview of the month and followed month at the upper left, with the week on the month marked for quick reference.

(B) The layout provides a high degree of freedom and there are memo field with seven lines which are useful. With its simple structure and spaces, you could use it as you like in your own style.

(C) Each day is prepared with free spaces for important events, general schedules or to-do list.

(D) There are plenty of space to schedule out your day. You could classify your daily schedules as you prefer, such as day and night, work and family etc.

Monthly Schedule 

(A) Each month features a vertical calendar on the left side, you could use these spaces to record schedule per month or adorn with your stickers and rubber stamps freely.  

(B) Vertical calendar well prepared on every month, ensuring free memo spaces for monthly blocks.

(C) A mini calendar of the previous and following month at the bottom right.


Schedule Periods: 

Monthly | Oct 2021 - Dec 2023

Weekly | Oct 2022 - 1st week of Jan 2024


Yearly Schedule; Monthly Schedule; Memo Pages; Contact & Address Pages; Japan Railway Maps; Personal Info Page

Size: H189 × W135 × D12 mm