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Five Metal Shop Calendar Project 2023



“A calendar that makes each day count.”

我們並不提供人生指南,請任意對待每一張紙 / 每一天。

If each day is a piece of paper, there will be 365 pieces for each year.

We do not provide guide for your life, you may treat each piece of papers or each day as you wish to.


A beloved, unique calendar which combined the traditional Chinese calendar with modern design. Adorned with colourful illustration and crisp typography, a calendar conceals all manners of useful information.

The Calendar Project by Five Metal Shop is an experiment project started from 2016, to explore how the calendar, something that becoming obsolete yet with a quiet cultural significance could be brought back and made it relevant again with a modern context, such as modern printing, papers, illustrations and design.

The colour concept of Calendar Project 2023 is to create a playful tone with a subtle, chic shimmer through out the year 2023. The Pantone Pastel & Neon is the book we are using for next year. Water-colour-like pastel with a kick of slight metallic and neon, the colours next year has the imageries of glitters in the sea under the sun, lavender and rosemary green after a warm summer day, a shade of peach pink wrapped in bright yellow papers.



The typefaces were carefully tweaked to remind people of the traditional calendar and modified to fit today’s requirements. Traditionally, the Chinese calendar is used to determine the days of traditional festivals. It still serves as a daily guide with tips until today in most Asian society, such as indications of good days for moving, farming and ploughing, getting married and so on. The dates of the lunar calendar and 24 solar terms have been kept because they were the most important factors that our grandfathers traditionally referred to everyday.

Tearing off a page after each day ends is a typology unique in Asia. This calendar is designed with perforated line as a tear off calendar, which you can tear down each page day-by-day easily. After tearing the pages off, you can store them in the beautify printed box, or to repurpose them for your creative projects, such as adorning your pages or outgoings. It is a new piece of loose paper after each day passes; people use it to sketch, write love letter, fold a mini paper boat or save it as physical proof that you’ve made through this day.

We hope this calendar will let designs enrich our everyday lives.

Content & Material: 

- Super fine 30gsm papers used (0.05mm thickness each page)  

- 100% manual binding, total of 385 pages, with perforated lines

- Pantone palette used_  6 neon colours +2 metallic colours +2 special colours

87+ unique illustrations for 24 Solar Terms + 51 celebrations & special days, such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Christmas etc + 12 months' intro


Scroll down to have a peek at some of the illustrations in this calendar, or you might prefer keep it as surprise.


Size: 21cm x 13.5cm x 3.5cm; (Calendar Page Size) 18.4cm x 12.3cm

Designed by Five Metal Shop

Made in Taiwan


About Five Metal Shop

Five Metal Shop is an independent creative studio based in Taiwan that helps clients to identify, understand and solve strategic problems through design. The team provides holistic creative solutions which typically leverage multiple forms of design including strategy, brand and communication, interior, website and product depending on the project.